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Example of Leaf implementation results in a industrial process

Leaf is a software developed by I.Systems and based on artificial intelligence, with exclusive and patented technologies, which allows control and optimization of industrial processes.


More stable processes allow more efficient operational standards, resulting in better productivity and reduction of costs.


I.Systems offers custom solutions, rapidly measurable benefits, and a quick implementation of a tool that is easily adapted and maintained, without step tests, production stoppage, large volume of historical data and complex phenomenological models.


Due to that exclusive technology allied to a specially trained team, I.Systems is specialized in delivering more performance to processes.

Furthermore, Leaf guarantees sustainability through its advanced support service, always looking to maximize tool performance.




Leaf is specially customized to each one of our clients, which makes the applicability range move from simpler systems to non-linear multivariable processes, adapting itself to raw materials and equipment variations, without the need for additional adjustments.


Applicable to basically any other industrial process, Leaf shows excellent results in diverse areas, such as mining, chemicals, agriculture, pulp and paper, among others. See our business cases for further information. link.


Advanced Support

We offer an exclusive support service that aligns our projects performance with the operational conditions of each client. Here are some of the benefits.


  • Upgrade

    Leaf versions are upgraded by the end of the period

  • Follow-up

    Services and visits with no extra engineering hourly cost

  • Tuning

    Control loop tuning and inclusion of new reading variables