About us

We are a company created to make the world more efficient.

And we do this through artificial intelligence and unique automation and advanced control technologies for the industry. We believe that intelligent industrial processes bring better results for corporations and people, simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and employees, and therefore make the world a better place to be.

We are always creating new solutions and transforming what already exists into something even better. Our search for innovation and talent is relentless – after all, only through solid partnerships and the cooperative knowledge will we achieve our purpose and the objectives of our customers.

  • + 50 groups served in many sectors.
  • + 150 deployments in different types of process.
  • - 24,800 tons CO2 in the atmosphere from the use of our solutions. That means more than 224.5ft² of reforested area.

A constantly evolving story.

Our company was founded in 2007 aiming to solve industry efficiency challenges with innovations based on artificial intelligence. After many studies and tests, we launched our first product in 2010, LEAF, which was patented in 2015. In 2016, our founding partners became Endeavor entrepreneurs, and we held our first international cases. In 2018, we added a new product to the portfolio – FLOWE.

Watching i.Systems rank as one of the most promising Brazilian startups in innovation and technology since 2018 means we need to continue helping our customers reinvent their industrial processes. After all, it is our mission to contribute to a more efficient world.

Our Mission

Technology for a more efficient world.

Being Acknowledged

At the 66th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Boston, USA, our founding partners were approved as Endeavor Entrepreneurs and began to count on the support and mentoring of the largest entrepreneurs and business experts in Brazil – another factor that drives our growth.

Plural, innovative, and expert team

Currently, i.Systems has more than 100 employees. We are experts in industry, artificial intelligence, innovation, and different types of process. But that is not the only thing that defines us: we are also diverse and inclusive. Curious by nature, we always look for ways to make the world more efficient. Learn a little more about our purpose and what motivates our team.